The gardener's answer to Britain's number one and number two horticultural pests
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This is Slugbandit - it acts like an electric fence that slugs and snails CANNOT CROSS. It is the best way of protecting important plants from slugs on your patio or beds and doesn't involve any slug pellets or polluting chemicals (and it also helps to stop birds from scratching out your seedlings).
Slugbandit Main Kit protecting a petunia.
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Slugbandit works!
A Main Kit and one extension section.
There are 2 extension sections in an Extension Kit
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Ban those nasty slugs and snails.
Ecofriendly: won't harm anything.
Totally safe for pets, birds, frogs and hedgehogs.
A petunia protected by Slugbandit
Flexible and self-supporting. Make it any length! "Lasts for years. Just GREAT value for money."
Spanish slugs? Click here to see the BBC article. No problem for Slugbandit!.

So slugs and snails don't like grit? Maybe, but something sharp isn't necessarily a deterrent. Click here to see the evidence on one of our cactii!

Please note that we no longer offer separate batteries and apologise for any inconvenience. Also Click here to see the links to websites offering good value for money.
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