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Browser help
Slugbandit web pages are designed to comply with the International Standard ISO 8879 as implemented in the World Wide Web consortium's HTML 4.01 documentation, and also Microsoft's Internet Explorer [V7] (which does not).

If you got the message "Your browser may not be W3C compliant", please note the above and/or call us to take a telephone order.

Some of the pages rely on JavaScript for full functionality, e.g. to compose email addresses and perform calculations.
Please note that this is for your convenience only and that you may continue without using JavaScript.

To enable JavaScript in your browser, do the following:
Note that 'JavaScript' is not the same as 'Java' so the Java settings may be ignored.

Click on Tools> Options> Content tab (left hand panel) and click the JavaScript box.


Click on Tools> Preferences> Advanced tab> Content and click the JavaScript box.

Internet Explorer:
Click on Tools> Internet Options> Security tab and click EITHER 'Reset all zones to default level' OR 'Custom level' and cursor down to the 'Scripting' group (near the bottom) and click on 'Enable'.

Your browser may need to be restarted after making the change.
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