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Slugbandit> Troubleshooting
How to sort out a problem
 I can't see the light
 Pests are getting into my patch
 The light stays on
 When the battery is near the end of its life it may still
 be possible to see the light but it will be dim compared
 to using a new battery
 Is the battery in place?
 Is it run down?
 Is the ambient sunlight bright?
 Has the test switch button been firmly pushed?
 Are the sections all securely clipped together?
 Are the contact fingers all clean?
 Is there a gap underneath?
 Are there stems, leaves, debris & etc. bridging across
 the bands?
 Is the battery run down or missing?
 Was the area thoroughly cleared in the beginning?
 Is Slugbandit connected correctly?
 This may indicate a fault.
 Please note that the unit will not be destroyed if the
 battery is inserted incorrectly for a short period.
 Do the battery terminals make contact with the metal,
 Solutions to try
 Look to see if the light can be seen in a darker setting.
 Check that the battery has been installed.
 Try replacing the battery.
 Eliminate spaces. Slugs can ooze through small gaps!
 Are there stems, leaves, debris & etc. bridging across
 the bands?
 Check. Use nematodes if necessary.
 Make sure ONLY ONE control box section is in
 any ONE assembly.
 (If there were 2, one may be destroyed).
 There is an issue where some PP3 batteries are
 shorter than others. This may mean that the
 metal fingers need to be eased GENTLY down
 to restore contact.