The gardener's answer to Britain's number one and number two horticultural pests
Using Slugbandit subheadings
Slugbandit> Features
Rim to help keep stems away from the bands.
Rim capable of supporting a small flowerpot.
Battery box
Light (LED) for easy verification that SlugBandIt is working.
[Note: the switch is on the Test Box]
Test switch button
[Note: the LED is on top of the Battery Box]
Test switch box
Easy battery replacement.
Standard 9V PP3 battery easily available.
Stainless steel bands for endurance in all weathers.
Clips for fast connection and release of sections.
Rib to indicate optimum planting depth.
Pointed serrations (i.e. teeth) along bottom edge to facilitate embedding in soil.
® European registered design.
IP54 enclosure to keep water out.
Flexible sections to thread around plants.
Flat construction for easy storage.
Make the most of Slugbandit's features
Slugbandit has the following design features to make it easy to use:
The stainless steel bands must face outwards in use.