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Using Slugbandit subheadings
Slugbandit> Connecting
Step 1:
Lay in a line as many sections as are required to enclose the proposed area. Keep the Battery Box section at one end and the Test Switch section at the other.
Step 2:
Put the battery in the Battery Box and clean all the contact fingers with a brush [non wire] or with a damp cloth etc.
Step 3:
Starting at one end, hold the sections aligned end-on-end and carefully engage the lugs. Push together firmly and carefully, ensuring that the contact fingers are not unduly strained in the process. When pushed firmly together, the sections will lock together. No tools are needed.
Step 4:
Repeat step 3 for as many times as necessary to complete the 'string'.
Step 5:
Look at the pages on "Testing" and "Positioning" before completing the Slugbbandit loop.
Slugbandit sections simply push together and are held by clips which are integral to the moulding.
However, we do recommend that some care is taken to ensure that the electrical contact surfaces are clean before attempting to push any sections together.
How to connect Slugbandit sections:
Test switch (mounted on rear)
Battery box (mounted on rear)
8 cm
Do not allow Slugbandit sections to go round sharp bends or you risk damaging them. Although they are robust, we recommend that a radius sharper than 8 cm (3 in) should be avoided in order to achieve a long service life.
The stainless steel bands must face outwards in use.