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As with all plastics, the material from which Slugbandit is moulded will become stiffer when it is cold. When bending and connecting Slugbandit in cold conditions, please take care that the ends of the mouldings do not spring up and cause harm.

Do not ever burn plastics especially in the open.

Slugbandit's plastic material (polypropylene) may be recycled if it is no longer required.
In order to maximise Slugbandit's life, please consider the following factors:

Slugbandit is designed to be used outside over long periods in all weathers and bent with the bands facing outwards.

If the mouldings are 'reverse bent' i.e. with the bands facing inwards, the bands may detach especially in hot weather. If this happens, just clear any dirt and then Slugbandit may be bent back into its working configuration without any resulting damage.

Tight bends with a radius of less than 8 cm are not recommended.

Like many plastics, parts can shatter if dropped onto a hard surface in extremely cold weather.

Never use more than one control box section in any installation. Doing so may destroy some components.

Always remove the battery when storing or not in use. The battery is always connected and will run down if left in. Old batteries may leak under adverse conditions.
This page contains information about personal safety and also factors affecting product life.