The gardener's answer to Britain's number one and number two horticultural pests
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The Main Kit will enclose a diameter of 25.5 cm [10 in] and each additional section will increase the diameter by about 13 cm [5 in].
(An Extension Kit includes 2 sections).
Each section is
8 cm [3 in]
40 cm [16 in]
Slugbandit will cover the following approximate areas:
All sizes are approximate
These shapes do not have to be circular. However, avoid bending around a sharp radius i.e. less than 8 cm.
May not be suitable for very uneven ground such as rockeries.
38 cm [15 in]
1 Main Kit plus
1 extra section
51 cm [20 in]
1 Main Kit plus
1 Extension Kit
25.5 cm [10 in]
1 Main Kit