The gardener's answer to Britain's number one and number two horticultural pests
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Slugbandit> Specifications
Slugbandit is designed and built to last:
  • high grade polypropylene plastic parts
  • high grade stainless steel bands
  • electronic anti-corrosion protection
  • colour dark neutral green
  • *Avoid sharp bends. Not suitable for significantly uneven ground., e.g. rockeries.
      Be aware of plastic embrittlement at low temperatures when bending.
  • integral test facility with LED light for user confidence
  • power source: PP3 9 volt battery of any technology
  • no theoretical limit to the number of extension sections that may be used with a Main Kit
  • overall length of each section:       411mm
  • functional length of each section:  400mm (approx 16in)
  • height of each section:                     80mm (approx. 3in)
  • housing to IP54
  • storage temperature range:          -20 degC to +70 degC battery excluded
  • operating temperature range:          0 degC to +70 degC battery excluded
  • bending radius:                               80mm maximum
  • kit contents: click here