The gardener's answer to Britain's number one and number two horticultural pests
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Slugbandit sections clip together [without any tools] to form a vertical barrier that carries two conductors or bands. One of these sections carries a standard 9 volt PP3 battery to provide the energy.

There are many grades of PP3 batteries: a good quality alkaline will last about four months (or more) to give you full protection for the whole growing season. Alternatively a cheap battery should last for at least eight weeks.

When a slug or a snail bridges across the two bands, it will experience an electric shock that causes it to recoil immediately. No slugs or snails will cross this barrier whilst the battery is charged.

By linking sections together an enclosure is made which, being reasonably flexible, can be placed around individual plants or, by using low cost extenders, around whole groups of plants. Within reason, many shapes can be achieved.

Slugbandit only gives a small electric shock. You will not feel this any more than you would if you handled a PP3 battery from a hardware shop but slugs and snails cannot tolerate it.

It will also deter some other creepy crawlies especially if they have softer bodies.

Slugbandit does ....