The gardener's answer to Britain's number one and number two horticultural pests
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Slugbandit is a self-supporting barrier to slugs and snails in particular which operates rather like an electric fence.

Slugbandit comes in two packs: a Main Kit and an Extension Kit. The Main Kit comprises two sections: one includes a Control Box and the other carries a Test Switch so that you may check that the battery is charged thus confirming that Slugbandit is protecting your plants. The Extension Kit has two identical plain sections.

Each installation requires a Main Kit but the extending sections are available to increase the area of coverage. There is no theoretical limit to the number of additional sections that may be added to a Main Kit.

Slugbandit sections fit together easily and simply without screws or tools to form the barrier. All the sections are about 40 cm [16 in] in length and are moulded in an enduring and hard wearing plastic which has a neutral green colour to be unobtrusive in use.

The linked sections form an enclosure which, being reasonably flexible, can be placed around individual plants or, by using low cost extenders, around whole groups. It is easy to collar fully developed plants as Slugbandit may be clipped around them.

The Main Kit will enclose a diameter of 25 cm [10 in] and each Extending Section will increase the diameter by about 13 cm [5 in]. (Click for more information).

*Avoid sharp bends. Not suitable for significantly uneven ground, e.g. rockeries.

Slugbandit with one single extension section
Slugbandit with one single extension section.
(Two are included in an extension kit.)

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